Building Tenant Power

Response to COVID-19

Are you worried about making rent during COVID-19? As a tenants union we are deeply concerned that tenants are going to be disproportionately impacted. Quarantine requires safe housing and the resources to stay put. We have been organizing around the clock to fight for our human right to housing, especially during this time of crisis. We pledge to strike if 1000 renters sign the pledge. 

Sharpen the Curve
Make Calls to the Governor

Take Action

When tenants come together we are more powerful than the landlords, developers and elected officials (often made up of landlords). When we act alone, landlords almost always win. We win when we act together. 

Tenant Solidarity Project

We believe all people deserve safe and dignified housing. Our campaign will organize tenants to push for universal, safe housing. We plan to mobilize people based on where they live and who their landlord’s are. We aim to give tenants the tools to self-organize for power. This is guide for tenants who can not pay rent to get organized. 

Housing Protest
Protest banner

Tenant Resources

Check out of list of resources for tenants including information regarding legal support, allied housing organizations and more.  

Burlington Tenants Union on Youtube

Black Rose Anarchist Federation presents Tenant Power in the Time of COVID. One of our members presents for Burlington Tenant Union.

Tenant Testimonials

"I am so excited by the growth of Burlington Tenants Union. We are starting to really scare those in power and connect with other tenants. I am excited about the future of BTU!"

Emily Reynolds
BTU Organizer
"Housing should be a human right in Burlington regardless of your age, gender, orientation, income, ability, place of origin, and it can only happen if tenants organize."

Charles Winkleman
Charles Winkleman
BTU Organizer
"Solidarity is essential to guaranteeing accessible housing for everyone. I'm so excited to see the future the tenant's union will help shape! Not just for Burlington, but for the rest of the state of Vermont as well! Housing is a human right!"
Amethyst Crow
Randolph Tenant